The Waterloo Towers website has been designed to be as accessible as possible whilst maintaining it's visual interest. To achieve this a variety of features have been included. These are summarised below.

Access Keys

The ability to navigate the site using other means than a mouse can be important for those who have difficulties using a mouse or other pointing devices. To help with this we have set up 'Access Keys' (see below) on the site which allow easy navigation to the main pages on the web site.

As well as helping those who have difficulty using a mouse it also allows quick access to the main pages for anyone who prefers to use the keyboard.

To use the access keys on the site follow these steps;

Press and hold the "Alt" key

Press the required letter.

If necessary, release all keys and press the return key. The browser will then load the relevant page.

Resizable Text

We have not fixed the size of the textual information on the site. This allows visitors to alter the font size on the screen making the site easier to read. To change the text size in your browser follow these steps: (In Internet Explorer)

  1. Select the "View" menu.
  2. Select the "Text Size" option from the menu.
  3. Select the text size you want to view.

We have also provided a function that allows you to increase the text size and contrast by clicking one of the small symbols at the top right of any page. This will give three text sizes and a high contrast feature.

It is also possible to increase the size of the text by holding down the "Ctrl" key on the bottom left hand row of the key board whilst using the scroll wheel on the mouse to increase (or decrease) the size of the text.