The Quex Park Society of Change Ringers

Quex Bellringers on New Years Day

The bells at Quex are rung regularly by church bellringers from the local area who are members of the Quex Park Society. The aim of the Society is "to promote the art of change ringing in the Isle of Thanet". Membership is open to any ringer who would like to join us regularly for practice. The Society’s funds are used to support the ringing and over the years we have bought new ropes, redecorated the ringing room and one of the side rooms. Fortunately the maintenance of the structure is taken care of by the Quex Estate.

The Society is the successor to John Powell Powell's 'Quex Institution of Change Ringing' formed when the tower was first built. Its membership seems to have been drawn from men who worked on the estate and for a number of years William Shipway, a nationally known ringer, was employed to teach them. The Institution's first peal is recorded in the tower, it was 5040 Plain Bob Triples rung on Friday, 26th May 1820, conducted by Shipway. John Powell Powell range the tenor bell. In addition to ringing peals at Quex the ringers visited other towers in the area including St John's, Margate, St Nicholas, Ash and Canterbury Cathedral where the Quex ringers joined with the Cathedral Company to ring the first peal on the recently augmented ten bells.

The Quex Park Society is affiliated to the Kent County Association of Change Ringers. Find their Web Page at http://www.kcacr.org.uk/

Practices are held twice a month on the first and third Saturday evening. However during the past few years the Society has taken to ringing quarter peals, either on practice evenings or during the day on practice Saturdays.

If you would liike to join us for ringing, please get in touch to find out what is planned. Sometimes events in the Park prevent us from ringing. We like to make visitors welcome so we will be pleased to hear from you.

Directions to The Waterloo Tower

Directions to the Waterloo Tower

From All Saints, Birchington, go down Park Lane (opposite eastern end of church) for approximately a quarter of a mile. The entrance to the Park is on the left shortly after the start of a belt of trees.

After a few hundred yards there is a white gate which is the entrance for the Museum and its car park. Turn left in front of the gate and follow the roadway marked "Private, Farms only". At each junction bear right, until reaching a garage yard. Cars or larger vehicles may be left here. Leave the garage yard by going straight on from the point you entered it. The roadway swings sharply to the left. About fifty yards further on there is a trackway on the right hand side. This leads to the gate to the field surrounding the tower. Cars may also be left beside the roadway after the sharp left hand bend.

Please remember the Park is part of a working farm. Please make sure all gates are securely fastened. Do not obstruct any roadways with parked vehicles.

If there are cattle or horses in the field, please do not take dogs, even on a lead, across to the tower.